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The intention of this space is to create a built-in network for any artist who is looking to expand their connections in Los Angeles. I am looking for individuals with skill sets in a variety of creative fields such as music production, film making, fashion design, and script writing. 


Artists in co-living spaces across the country are fed up with being treated like disposable garbage. They want landlords and house managers who are compassionate, invested in creating a community, communicate effectively, and keep them safe. 


They want someone in charge who actually cares about the creative expression and wellbeing of artists. Someone who will let them paint a mural in the living room or dig up the grass and plant a garden. They want to trust that if another housemate is being violent or causing problems, they will be removed immediately. They expect house repairs to be taken care of in a timely manner. 


That is why I am replacing ArtSpace, Upstart and SOTA. I am on the hunt for the perfect house in West LA to set up an artist co-living space. While I secure the property, I will be searching for eight dedicated artists who are committed to creating an intentional community in Los Angeles. 


All amenities will be included in the monthly rent along with access to a variety of creative studios, events, and classes. The living space will be shared with bunk beds and shared bathrooms.

Amenities Include:

  • Bunk pod with book shelf, reading lamp, + curtain, closet and drawers, + a cubby in the bathroom. 

  • Community kitchen with industrial fridge, large stainless steel sink, granite countertops, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, + basic staples: spices, oil, rice, pasta, beans, ramen,  

  • Photography studio 

  • Recording studio 

  • Art gallery + Shop 

  • Co-working office space (High Speed Wifi, community library, tables, printer, scanner, extra cables for tech) 

  • Fashion studio (mannequins, industrial sewing machine, serger) 

  • Musical instruments (Acoustic guitar, keyboard, drum set) 

  • Outdoor gym area (weights, jump ropes, medicine balls, yoga mats, resistance bands, pull up bars, treadmill) 

  • Vegetable, fruit + herb garden

  • Backyard with pool, fire pit, grill, + picnic area  

  • Weekly home cooked family style meals 

  • Group yoga, meditation + manifestation circle

  • Art, fitness, and entrepreneurship classes

  • Monthly Cookout + dance party

Artist housing made for artists, by artists